Ciacco DavideProjects and Experiments

Experiment #1 - JQuery Transitions

Some experiments that i've made using

jQuery Transit

, a JS script that deals with CSS3 transitions.

Experiment #2 - Random Field

A whole webpage covered in a random generate pattern of blue and red pixels. Sizes from "normal" to "damn small"! Damn Small Mode will take its time to load because of its billions of permutations!

Experiment #3 - GlassFiber

Simple GlassFiber dynamic background!

Experiment #4 - RIL

RIL or Random Intermittent Lights. Random dynamic patterns constantly generated using jQuery.

Project #1 - Random Generated Background

PHP, JS, HTML and CSS interacting together to create a "random" generated background that changes every session. "Randomization" depends on time and the entropy of number Pi.

Project #2 - Dynamic Sqared Background

Using JS to generate a dynamic background made of 'n' 30x30px sized pixels. ('n' is generated on every refresh to fit the whole window)

Project #3 - Random Generated Javascript Art

A bi-coloured 20x20 square random generated with JS Math methods.