Game Manual

The Gear Inspector Panel

1) Your armor

2) Your sword

3) Your opponent's armor

4) Your opponent's sword

- You can tap on a sword or an armor to see its stats! -

- In the gear inspector you can enhance your armor/sword -

5) Kills and Deaths

6) Your current level

7) Your gold coins

8) Your HP bar

9) Your opponent's HP bar

10) Stats of both players

11) Equipped gear, with empty or active power gems

12) Navigation panel

13) Your experience gauge

The Gear Inspector Panel

- The gear inspector panel -

1) Open a link to the online armory: a place on the internet where you can see stats and appearance of every sword and every armor!

2) Each sword and armor can be enhanced to a maximum of "+10". Every enhancement requires a certain quantity of gold coins to be spent and has a certain probability of success:

+1 : 50% success -1'000 gold coins
+2 : 50% success -2'000 gold coins
+3 : 45% success -3'000 gold coins
+4 : 40% success -4'000 gold coins
+5 : 35% success -5'000 gold coins
+6 : 30% success -6'000 gold coins
+7 : 25% success -7'000 gold coins
+8 : 20% success -8'000 gold coins
+9 : 15% success -9'000 gold coins
+10 : 10% success -10'000 gold coins

Nothing will happen to your gear if you fail the enhancement, but you'll have already spent your gold coins: there is no refund policy.

Enhancing an armor will result in increased Health Points and Defense Power.

Enhancing a sword will result in increased Attack Power.

3) Button that closes the inspector panel (to close this panel you can also tap on the "Main Panel" button: you will return to the main panel)

The Mystic Chest and Time Boost Panel

1) These two buttons will open chests (600 gold coins each) until a certain rule is met:
Left Button -> search for a sword or armor RARER than the equipped one, if you have legendary or unique gear equipped the case opening will stop also for items of the same rarity.
Right Button -> search for a sword or armor STRONGER than the equipped one, when the dropped item has at least two better stats or power gems.

2) The Time Boost will grant your sword the double of its usual speed!
To activate the Time Boost you'll have to be online.
The Time Boost lasts for 2 minutes and recharges in 10 minutes.

The Gear Drop Panel

1) The item you just dropped, you can tap on it to start opening chests again!

2) Here you can compare your equipped gear's stats (on the left) with the ones of the item you just dropped.

3) The equip button: equip the item you just dropped, the old one will be destroyed.

4) If you are still opening chests this button will stop the loop.
Else tapping this button will close the panel, destroying the dropped item.

The Settings Panel

1) You can get bonus gold coins from the Black Market: you must be online and the gauges must be at 100%

2) Check your achievements progress and your position in the leaderboards (requires Google Play)

3) Reset the game, your progress will be lost have to tap this button multiple times to confirm the destruction of your gamesave

4) Use this button to manually save your progress!
(auto-save will save the game progress every 30 seconds)

5) When you'll reach the "1337 Mode" you'll be able to restart the game keeping your level and your powerful gear!
This is an easy way to gather victories and gold coins, but also to test your gear on low level noobs!

The Gear Quality and Drop Rarity

For each drop you can find a sword (50%) or an armor (50%).
Every 1000 drops of the same type of gear, the probability of finding an item of a certain rarity is:
- 50.0% common drop   
- 30.0% magic drop    
- 12.0% rare drop     
-  6.7% epic drop     
-  1.0% legendary drop
-  0.3% unique drop   

The Duel Mechanics

In this game every duel is a "one versus one duel".
Defeating one enemy will not replenish your Health Points.
Every time you defeat an opponent you will start a duel with the next one.
You lose when your Health Points reach 0.
Once you lose you will face a weaker opponent that you have already defeated.

The level cap is 100.
Once you get to the opponent #10101 the "1337 Mode" will activate: here you'll face the strongest adversaries, all with Unique gear equipped.
When you are in "1337 Mode" your Health Points will be restored after each duel.

Your pg will attack every 1.5s / SPD (the attack speed of your weapon).

Your DEF (defense) will lower the damage that your opponent's ATK (attack power) can deal.

Your ACC (accuracy) and DEX (dexterity) compared to your opponent's ones modify the probability of hits, misses and criticals.

if crit probability miss probability
    your ACC > 2 * opponent DEX    40%1%
your ACC > opponent DEX    15%5%
    your ACC < 2 * opponent DEX    1%40%
your ACC < opponent DEX    5%15%

The Power Gems

rarer items are infused with a certain number of power gems:
     epic gear -> 1 power gem
legendary gear -> 2 power gem
   unique gear -> 3 power gem

There are six kind of powers:

The Power Gems have a certain effect depending if they are placed on a sword or an armor:

Armor effect: Fire Shield.
Nullifies any incoming fire damage.

Sword effect: Flaming Sword
Your attacks will deal 10% more damage thanks to the burning wounds of your enemy.

Armor effect: Poison Shield.
Nullifies any incoming poison damage.

Sword effect: Poisoned Blade
If your blade is poisoned your damage will increase over time: from 2% to 30% of bonus poison damage.
The first 2 hits will grant a 2% bonus -> the next 3 hits will grant a 4% bonus -> 4x6% -> 5x8% -> 6x10% -> 7x12% -> 8x14% -> 9x16% -> 10x18% -> 11x20% -> 12x22% -> 13x24% -> 14x26% -> 15x28% -> all the next attacks will have the maximum poison effect (30%).

Armor effect: Ice Shield.
Nullifies the effect of your opponent's Freezing Sword.

Sword effect: Freezing Sword
Your sword will reduce the attack speed of your opponent by 1.

Armor effect: Self-Healing Armor
Every time your opponent hits you, your armor will heal you by 10% of the physical damage dealt.

Sword effect: Self-Healing Strikes
Every time you land a strike on your enemy, you will be healed for 10% of the physical damage you deal.

Armor effect: Confusion Shield.
Nullifies the effect of your opponent's Confusing Blade.

Sword effect: Confusing Blade
For each of his attacks your opponent has a 20% probability to become confused and attack himself with half of his attack power.

Armor effect: Shadow concealer
Grants its owner a 50% Dexterity bonus.
You will be concealed in a shadow cloud, hitting you will be more difficult.

Sword effect: Shadow Sword
Grants its owner a 50% Accuracy bonus.
Your sword is imbued with the Shadow Spell, it will be harder for your opponent to read your attacks.

Who drew all those armors and swords?!

All the armors and swords are procedurally generated.

There are 1000 different swords and 1000 different armors for each level from 1 to 99.
There are 1000000 different swords and 1000000 different armors of level 100.

I wrote a generator that can procedurally create more than 1'000'000'000 different armors or swords.

So the code I wrote will draw any sword and armor that you'll find in this game!

(all those images are not stored anywhere: the images you see are generated procedurally at runtime)

Download Idle Duels

Idle Duels is free and there are no micro-transactions, you can find it in the Google Play Store and in the Apple App Store! ᵗʰᵃⁿᵏˢ ˢʰᵃᵘᵍʰⁿ ᵇʳᵒʷⁿ

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